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The Unicorn

A mythical creature.

A story passed down.

Often describes things that we cannot fathom or dream of.

Things that are outside of our scope of experience.

For example our eldest son’s new school.

I got a call this week asking if I could come in for a meeting. “Of course!” I said, hoping that our honeymoon period wasn’t over yet. When I signed in at the office the principal came out of his office to say “Hi.” and ask how things were going. He seemed genuinely happy when I said that I was thrilled that our son was making friends and choosing to hang out with them outside in the school yard rather than reading in the library or office. Not only did he not think it was weird when I said that alone made our year a success for me, he agreed!

The SERT met me in the office, and together we went upstairs, chatting along the way. Our son was again offered an opportunity to join us but chose to take the bus home with his classmates! Anyone who knows an aspie realizes just how big a step this is. Oh and did I mention that instead of sitting near the driver, he chooses to sit at the back.

With the other grade 8’s.

Because that’s what grade 8’s do.

The meeting consisted of two teachers, an EA and the SERT.

And you know what? There were no major issues. Just some questions about how to handle certain situations. All asked in a “What do you suggest we do/try?” tone of voice.

I made sure to repeatedly tell them how thrilled I was. That they can feel free to contact us at any time. That being proactive like this can only ensure his success. That for the first time he is coming home talking about his day.

And most importantly, he is happy.

I sat in my van afterwards and realized that I no longer had to hold back the tears.

I’m so glad that we made the difficult decision to transfer him. That the school we chose is that rare mythical creature that actually encourages and supports him.

If only every Autistic child had that opportunity…


Wanted: EA support

The last few weeks have been so hard. Our eldest son is really struggling. Our attempts at getting help have been partly successful. His pediatrician saw him within five days of our call, and gave us some really good advice. She is an old fashioned kind of doctor who sits with you and takes notes and does not hold her script pad at the ready. She has ordered some blood work to see if there are any other underlying conditions going on, and is ready to support our push for EA support to be returned.

The youth support system moves in slow motion. We are still waiting for our intake appointment (which is scheduled for Friday, two weeks after we called) though I did speak with a worker. She was friendly and nice but couldn’t offer anything until after we work through the system. Sigh.

Meetings at the school have been productive and helpful, though the biggest issue is EA support. The school is maxed out with younger children who need support and there is no one left to support our son.

So my question this week is:

Does anyone have experience convincing the school board that their child needs an EA when the school is “at capacity” with EA’s?