The other day, out of the blue it dawned on me: I’m a stereotype. You know the mini-van driving, mom of three, four if you count the dog, five when DH is counted too. I’m constantly shuttling kids to dance, piano and more dance, living in a 4 bedroom split level, with a fenced yard containing a pool.  I’m so much the suburban archetype that I even go camping with our family (though we did finally upgrade from a tent to a trailer a few years ago) I have co-chaired our school’s SCC, founded the HAT and I fundraise for the dance team.

There are days that there is so much food and remnants of snacks in my vehicle that should I ever despair of having enough pocket change for my Tim’s that all I’ll have to do is pull the van over to a curb, slide open the handy side door and open for business as a chip truck.

I’m always barely clinging to the thin line that delineates organized from utter chaos. I usually sign the kid’s school agendas, and occasionally have dinner planned before 5:00.

Of course I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I love my family way too much to leave them every morning, wear nice clothes, talk to professional grownups, have a productive day and what was I saying? Oh right. I do love my family, and if life is a bit chaotic, well it’s better than being bored.

Having three kids means getting out takes more effort, but it usually pays off. This blog is where I hone my writing while musing about the things and events that I encounter as a suburban mom. It’s an anything goes forum so you may read my deep thoughts on autism and parenting in one post and my humourous take on daily life in another.

Our food and travel adventures have earned their own blog over at: Adventures of Team W Food and Travel

I am also now part of the YMC Community!

As much as I enjoy documenting our adventures, I do enjoy writing other fiction and non-fiction too. My first ever short story entry was a finalist in the Whispered Words contest and was chosen for inclusion in the anthology. Prior non-fiction publishing credits include “Healthy Schools” and “Birth Issues”. I’m always available to freelance for your projects, blogs and articles.


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