Goodnight Eva

I haven’t written in a while… I’ve been wrapped up in my own stuff and I wasn’t comfortable sharing it with the world via my blog. But, I have kept up with the blogs I follow. I admire anyone who is willing to share their journey with us readers. This attached blog comes directly to my inbox and follows the journey of a mom and her medically fragile daughter. The last post was about her excitement over the new equipment that had just come in (a special high chair) and how her daughter enjoyed sitting in it with the supports she needed. This morning though my inbox contained a post with the unthinkable. Her precious little girl has passed. I feel heartbroken for a family I’ve only ever known online.

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday I was excited about Eva’s new high chair and today there is no Eva to sit in it.

Last night at around 9pm Eva woke crying. Both I and my amazing and brave housemate Ess went into comfort her. Ess passed her to me and we could tell something wasn’t right. Eva was taking great gasping breaths. Then suddenly she stopped.

She started to turn purple around the lips and it was at that point that Ess took over, putting Eva back down and starting chest compressions. We kept going until the ambulance and fire trucks arrived and then they took over. By 9.30pm they gave up and let my little girl relax.

A simple cold one day, and gone the next.

I don’t have clever metaphors today. I don’t have creative flow or inspired words. I have all encompassing grief that abates…

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