How Many Blog Posts Does it Take?

The first weekend I was ever at my husband’s family cottage I coined the phrase “How many Wilsons does it take to_________?” after watching my husband and his brothers and father consult each other for every decision around the property. I knew that I’d been around the family a while when this year my mother-in-law included me in that phrase after I chimed in with an opinion on how far we had to swing the  heavy dock before we could continue pushing it out into the water. Touche.

I think though that the more accurate phrase to apply to me is “How many blog posts does it take to____________?” In this case, it’s How many blog posts does it take to get a working fridge in my kitchen?

My poor hubby. It’s not his fault. Honestly it’s not.

After staying at home for a couple of days after a wisdom tooth removal, he was ready to get out and do something, anything, and he chose to buy a new fridge. Who was I to argue with that? I mean I drove so that he could still take his pain killers…

He must have been further under the influence of those pain meds than I thought as we almost came home with a new washer and dryer too. (Again… who am I to argue this?) But reason and rationality (and a grumpy toddler refusing to nap) won out and we purchased a fridge. It was the first one that fit the bill (yes he insisted we look at all the others too, but honestly it’s stainless and fits the space we currently have (if you have read my prior posts about the old fridge dying or the “new” fridge dying, then you will know that this is a “temporary” measure until our dream kitchen is built in a few years.) So what more could we need?

Delivery day led to some nervousness… would it fit through the front hall (past the hunk that sits there still?) or would it have to go around back? Hubby and one of his brothers removed the ancient sliding doors somewhat carefully. I’m still not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed that they didn’t break. The delivery guys were ecstatic that there was such an easy way in. It was in our home within a few short minutes and then they were gone.

And I have a fridge in my kitchen!

It feels kind of weird actually. My kitchen seems smaller. But not having to go to the front hall or garage just to get one more thing for dinner is nice.

So I think the answer is “2”. Two blog posts to get a new fridge. So far I’m on three, and the hunk is still in the hall… but garbage day is tomorrow and one can always hope.



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