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April 2. Every year I dread that day. It’s Autism Awareness Day. Media always makes a big deal of it, running specials and documentaries, and several people will tag me in a post or send me an article that they hadn’t seen before, wondering if I’ve ever noticed it.

And recently my kids had an Autism Awareness Day at their school. Did it change anything? After talking to them the answer is a resounding “NO”.

It’s no longer about awareness, it’s all about ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSION.

I have been struggling to find the right words for my post, but honestly Jess from A Diary of a Mom is just so much more eloquent than I am when it comes to this stuff.

And my very favorite t-shirt that she designed can be found here: http://www.zazzle.com/autism_acceptance_t_shirt-235210999704578790

Thanks Jess for de-tangling the words for me!

a diary of a mom

A couple of weeks ago, Katie came to me with a question. “Mama,” she asked, “now that we don’t feel like we can support Autism Speaks anymore, what can I wear to school for Autism Awareness Day?”

While I know the question of what to wear may seem silly to some, we take our autistic pride pretty seriously around these parts, and Katie has always embraced the opportunity to honor and celebrate her sister by wearing something special on Autism Awareness Day. She has, with Brooke’s endorsement, spoken to her classmates about autism ever since she was in third grade. And a big part of it, for her, is finding a physically visible manifestation of both her pride in her sister and her plea for understanding and support of those on the spectrum. “Lighting it up blue” – whether it be the house, our cars, or ourselves, was…

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