Time to End the Affair

Dear Mother Nature,

It’s time to call an end to your affair.

Yes I’m talking to you.

I know that back when Autumn was curling up and dying that Winter seemed like a cool breath of fresh air.

Those first few flakes of snow always invoke a romantic image of outdoor skating rinks and couples holding hands. Children dream of the epic snowmen they will build and dads rub their hands gleefully together anticipating the first time using their oversized snow blower.

He played us all so well. I mean how picture-perfect was it when we had those huge fluffy flakes on Christmas Day?

But Dear, honestly? The romance has soured. It’s long past it’s expiry, yet you just keep letting him back in. Haven’t you ever read “He’s just not that into you.”? Thousands of women are ready to sacrifice their copy of it for you if only you would take the time to peruse it.

Long-story-short: He’ll keep taking advantage of you if you keep letting him back in. He’s not interested in the romance any more. He just wants a quick storm or two when it’s good for him.

And he’s jealous. Every time you start to flirt with Spring Old Man Winter gets so jealous that he throws some freezing rain or a white out in your way.

It’s time to cut him off.

Ignore him long enough and he’ll get the point.

As for Spring, trust me dear, he’s not too young for you. Think of all the possibilities as you teach him everything you know. He’s eager. And fresh. And bright.

Everyone loves him.

Why won’t you?


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