The sweetest thing I’ve seen all week

My daughter’s dance studio spends a day each March Break performing at nursing homes.

It’s a wonderful way for them to connect with an audience who wouldn’t normally get out to see competitions, and for an hour brightens the day for a few people.

Like any visit to a nursing home, we are also brought face to face with how our future might be if we are blessed to live a full and long life. It’s not really something I like to think about that much, seeing so many people in wheelchairs, drooping off to sleep in the common room.

But, at our first nursing home, I noticed a woman holding a man’s hand. I can only assume that they have been married for seventy years (though it would be perfectly fine if they just met, and romance was blooming. I just prefer my romantic notion of a lifelong relationship šŸ™‚

Their wheelchairs were side by side and they held hands the entire time. She kept leaning over and talking to him. I don’t know what she said but honestly it doesn’t matter. They were together and enjoying themselves.

That’s how I want my last days to be.

Holding my husband’s hand.



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