The Waiting Game

So, we’ve been put on several wait lists, and are waiting for other appointments.
One intake put us on a central wait list for services in 12-18 months!
One intake lead to another intake in two weeks to then put us on a wait list.
Our developmental ped can see us in five-six weeks.
We see a consultant in two weeks.
Our homeopath sees us though next week. Always easy to get in to services that you pay out of pocket for!

We are exhausted by all of this. His meltdowns are draining for us, and terrifying for the younger two. Our baby has night terrors/nightmares each time there has been a crazy meltdown. Our daughter was late for dance again last night as we both drove all over the place looking for our son who took off and decided to walk home in the dark without really knowing how he was getting there or getting in (did I mention it was around zero?)

The school is working with us. And the SERT and Principal are working with the teachers, especially the one who has never dealt with autism (a hazard for sure when you put your child in French Immersion as traditionally any extra needs have been de-streamed out even if it’s not in the child’s best interest. We fought against that, but now sometimes have teachers who have never had to accommodate a student in twenty years of teaching!)

Basically we are tired, worn out and dreading our upcoming weekend holiday that was booked before this latest eruption of behaviours.


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