Wanted: EA support

The last few weeks have been so hard. Our eldest son is really struggling. Our attempts at getting help have been partly successful. His pediatrician saw him within five days of our call, and gave us some really good advice. She is an old fashioned kind of doctor who sits with you and takes notes and does not hold her script pad at the ready. She has ordered some blood work to see if there are any other underlying conditions going on, and is ready to support our push for EA support to be returned.

The youth support system moves in slow motion. We are still waiting for our intake appointment (which is scheduled for Friday, two weeks after we called) though I did speak with a worker. She was friendly and nice but couldn’t offer anything until after we work through the system. Sigh.

Meetings at the school have been productive and helpful, though the biggest issue is EA support. The school is maxed out with younger children who need support and there is no one left to support our son.

So my question this week is:

Does anyone have experience convincing the school board that their child needs an EA when the school is “at capacity” with EA’s?


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