Wisdom of a child

I try to be a good mom, walking my kids to and from school each day. This is not always an easy task… if we lived 0.4 km farther away from the school, then the kids would be entitled to take a school bus. But the walk, even if it is uphill (no not both ways 🙂 is good for all of us, especially my hips.

It also has the unexpected side effect of giving us a great opportunity to talk. Sometimes it’s about the trees and squirrels and what happens in each season to them, sometimes it’s about what happened in class, and other times it becomes a fascinating conversation in philosophy.

Take last week for example. 10 year old K wanted to know why I wouldn’t let them walk by themselves to school. Good point, and I talked of “bad people” and although I don’t forsee anything happening in our neighbourhood, I still prefer to know they got to school safely.

Somehow this morphed into a fascinating talk about what would happen if bad people didn’t exist. After exploring various sides of this, we decided that as awful as bad people are, they are necessary for our continued evolution and growth as a race. That without our reactions to their bad actions that we would have no desire or drive to make things better. Pretty deep thoughts for before 9am.

Then out of nowhere, my daughter started talking about the butterfly effect. (did I mention that she’s 10?! Where on earth did she learn about that?!) So we chatted about that for a while and how everyone’s actions can impact someone else and we may not even ever know how.

And then we got to the school, and I did our little fistbump routine (fistbump for hug, hand clap for kiss, and hand to heart for love)

And went on with our day.

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